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Mingpu, founded in Beijing in 2014, currently have dedicated teams in Beijing, Shanghai,Xian and Tianjin, and have achieved integrated management across China.

At Mingpu, we work more like a specialist doctor for enterprises, integrating financial logistics and business intelligence, and focusing on identifying and solving problems.

We help private equity and strategic investment clients identify and avoid financial risks in investment and M&A transactions. We also work with emerging companies to help them minimize tax risks in their daily operations and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Mingpu means light and simplicity. We believe in the value of professionalism, respect for keeping things simple, and treating people honestly. Through continuous improvement of the talent training system and iterative management mechanism, we endeavor to create a fair, transparent, and long-term team culture to provide valuable financial services for the business community and to accompany our customers in their growth.

2 weeks
Professional consultant
practical experience

To create superior financial consultants and provide more valuable financial services.

Connecting with trust to make the world of business a brighter place.

Service concept

Create a quality business experience and grow with our customers.

Corporate Vision

Corporate Mission

Financial Due Diligence
We are investor-centred and consider financial matters from the investor's point of view, and are happy to provide other value-added services in finance and funding.

We help companies build standardized and efficient financial systems, assist in solving financial and tax problems, and help companies grow, and prevent financial and tax risks.

Financial consultation
Audit Assurance
We provide services for enterprises including bookkeeping, tax declaration, tax reduction application, short-term accounting outsourcing, and simple financial and tax consulting.

One-stop financial outsourcing
Bussiness Type
We provide routine annual audits, investment acquisition and restructuring audits, bankruptcy and liquidation audits, complex group consolidated statement audits, special audits, exit audits, and other services with efficient deliverables.

Mitigating Transaction Risks - M&A Clients
Reducing compliance and internal risks - corporate consulting clients
Improving operational efficiency
- enterprise services clients
financial fiduciary, key process outsourcing, account management.

Strategic Investment, Venture Capital, Financial Investment, Expansion Stage M&A

Client Type

tax check-ups, day-to-day consulting, tax compliance, process risk control


Through continuous improvement of management level, promotion of division of labor, and improvement of internal training, we have been striving to raise the efficiency of our teamwork to minimize unnecessary cost expenditures and provide cost-effective financial specialized services to our customers.

01 Cost-Effective

Since our establishment in 2014, we have provided more than 1,000 financial professional services that cover a wide range of investment sectors including high-tech, education, TMT, entertainment, healthcare, consumer, smart manufacturing, and other popular industries, with extensive industry experience and a good reputation.

02 Experienced
03 Business insights, more accessible

In addition to tax and financial advisory, we also provide business intelligence from a financial perspective for our clients to make decisions, thereby avoiding common problems such as "all about the numbers and nothing about the rest" or poorly comprehensible reports.

04 One-stop shopping

We are an integrated financial service provider of "CPA firm + financial consulting firm" and cooperate with several law firms to provide comprehensive one-stop services. We are more flexible and efficient than ordinary firms, responding quickly to client's needs, and are happy to provide long-term tax advice and other financial services related to investment, financing, and business development.

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